Same Day Edit

Watch back your day; on your day

For our favorite people, our beautiful couples, we provide a fantastic
service of Same Day Video Edit. This offer will give your wedding that fun and creative
flair, entertaining both yourselves and guests during the evening reception.

What is a Same Day Edit film?

During those quiet and calm moments of the reception, our same-day video edit will give your guests something to talk about. Furthermore, it will lift the mood by reliving some of the day’s most amazing moments.

The Same Day Edit video is a collection of all the highlights from your wedding. The video is set to music and will depict anything that happened during the day. From the bride’s preparation, door games, tea ceremonies as well as the wedding ceremony.

The most significant feature of this video is that the editing happens sometime during your wedding. It will happen in a way that enables you to show it to your guests at the evening reception. Our videographer will film your entire wedding, and at some point, he will edit all material he covered to make you a smaller video lasting for 3-5 minutes.

This is perhaps our favorite offer to all our couples. At this moment, the bride and groom get to see all those moments they’ve missed but wondered about throughout the day.

confetti walk in front of church
bridesmaids style brides wedding dress

How does it work?

The same day edit video doesn’t require any additional prep. As such, we can offer you this as part of your existing package.

Our videographer will film your wedding from early morning until evening. We will capture your bridal preparations through to the banquet. At some point during the start of your banquet, they will step away to begin editing. As a result, we will leave another videographer in charge of filming the rest of your wedding. This ensures not a single moment of your wedding is missed. As a result, you will get a fantastic, same-day edited video, but also a stunning full-length wedding day video.

Our videographer will not be very far, usually somewhere on the premises, in a quieter area of your venue, editing your video.

You can choose your soundtrack for this video, or leave this choice to our experienced videographer. After editing, the videographer will export the video in the right format for you to display via the projector. The video is usually exported in HD on a USB or DVD and can be played via the hotel’s video functions.

How much does it cost?

The same day video editing service can be edited to any package. We consider it a vital part of your wedding experience and, as a result, we include within the price. Included in this price is the editing service of a 3-5 minute video and an additional videographer that will cover your wedding during the editing process.

Our full-day package includes wedding videography as well as the same day edited video. The price is $12,800, and it includes – 1 full-day professional videographer plus 1 videography assistant – up to 14 hours of coverage – all videos recorded in Full HD resolution – 1 Same Day Edit Video lasting 3-5 minutes or one song – 1 full-length Wedding Video.

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What’s Included?

Same Day Edit Video is a 3-5 minute film showing all the essential, fun, and romantic moments of your wedding that happened before an evening reception. This includes one videographer who will edit your same day edit video during the quieter moments of your wedding day. This way, your wedding will be fully covered, and we’ll be providing you with a stunning and arresting full-day wedding video.