Video Reviews

Reviews from couples we’ve filmed and captured

bride and groom pose with wedding bouquet
Married June 2019

Melinda and Stanley

“The video is absolutely breathtaking. It brought Stanley and me to tears. It turned out even better than we hoped for and we are overjoyed because of that.

You guys are so talented, and we are happy that we picked you for our wedding video. We will be eternally grateful that you captured every second of our special day because now we have these beautiful memories to show to our children one day.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for giving us an excellent videography service.”

Married August 2019

Sam and Billy

“We highly recommend Lily and Moon Studio for their wedding videography services. We were thrilled to learn that our video can be the same style as our photos. Booking their videography services was no brainer.

At our wedding, we got to see just how professional and at the same time funny their team was. They were discrete and respected our space, while still obtaining amazing material which we saw later.

The teaser video and the final video are of the highest quality, and they perfectly compiled our wedding memories! Thank you for this fantastic reminder of the happiest day of our lives!”

Married August 2020

Olga and Gordon

“Pick Lily and Moon for your wedding videography, and you won’t be disappointed!

Besides giving us stunning photos that we can’t seem to stop looking, the wedding video really took our breath away. The way they managed to capture those special little moments, some of which escaped everyone’s notice is showing us just how detail-oriented and experienced they are. They also made us feel at ease in front of the camera, even pulling out our playful side and made us have lots of fun!

We cry every time we hear our I-do’s and we are thankful that they included audio for this part of our ceremony. It is a real treasure to have the words and promises you’ve spoken at your wedding day recorded, and Lily and Moon studio understand that.

With everything they’ve done for us, they showed how much they know about their couples and what is really important to them. We consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to book the Lily and Moon videography team, and we recommend that you do the same!”

photo of couple during wedding registration
Married January 2019

Tamara and Gareth

“When we finally sat down and watched our wedding video, we were blown away with how fantastic it is. Even though Gareth was a bit skeptical about having a wedding film, your professional and calm demeanor made him convinced that you’ll do a great job.

We are over the moon with the film production, and you really captured the day perfectly. There are no words to describe how pleased we are.

At our wedding, you were entirely unobtrusive, but you still managed to capture all the important moments of the day. We will definitely recommend you to all our friends!”

Married January 2020

Angela and Bobby

“The videographers really have it all. They are professional, have a great personality, have a vast production knowledge, and above all are incredibly passionate about their videography service.

They delivered the best quality video we have ever seen in our lives. By the way, our wedding video came out, you can just tell that they poured all their heart and soul in every step of making it.

They were absolutely wonderful at our wedding, so professional and calm and dressed to a T, we loved how they managed to blend into the crowd.

Thank you, Lily and Moon, for giving us such a devoted and expert team working on our most special day.”

Married September 2019

Jenna and Milton

“We were a bit unsure about hiring a videographer for our wedding, but after our first consultation at Lily and Moon studio, we were sold. And we couldn’t be happier that we hired them.

They were not only professional but really easy to work with. Our wedding video came out fantastic, they did an excellent job in both capturing the whole day and editing the material into a stunning film. Now we have a brilliant wedding video that allows us to relive the happiest day of our lives all over again and see all those funny and emotive moments we’ve missed. Great work!

We highly recommend Lily and Moon Studio’s videography services.”

groom poses for wedding videography
Married October 2019

Maggie and Malcolm

“We booked Lily & Moon for our wedding day last July, and we adored their whole team after our first meeting. They were kind, understanding and they made us feel comfortable and secure by providing some good advice about our wedding day video.

The packages they offer are very flexible and you can choose which part of the day you want them to cover. The pricing is fair and the quality is the best we’ve seen in a long time.

Overall, our experience with Lily and Moon was terrific, and we are so happy we decided to have them as a part of our day. We would highly recommend them to anyone!”

Married December 2019

Anna and Vincent

“We are so happy that we went with Lily and Moon studio for our wedding video. They were always very quick to reply to our emails and answer tons of questions in a very professional and precise manner.

They were great about discussing the types of videos they offer and even suggested a few websites for us to choose our soundtrack. We loved every single one of those artists, and it made our wedding video even more unique.

On the day of our wedding, they were very friendly and warm, but also quiet and unobtrusive in their job. We were thrilled about the short film they made for us to watch on that same day, it made our evening reception even more special.”

Married December 2019

Jodie and Kris

“The team members were incredible throughout this whole experience.

The moment we watched our wedding video we were blown away with everything they had done. They recorded everything and so much more. It was so great to see the things we missed in all the chaos of that day.

Their prices were excellent and they helped us stay within our wedding budget.

For the whole day they mostly stayed out of our way, but somehow managed not to miss a beat! We will cherish what they gave us for the rest of our lives, and we plan on watching our wedding video every anniversary. We would highly recommend them to everyone.”

bride poses for close up during wedding film
Married November 2019

Christina and David

“Thank you so much, Lily and Moon, for such a fantastic wedding video. The attention to detail is extraordinary, and we are amazed by how well it all came out.

Our short video was like watching a movie trailer. You gave us a video that exceeds all our expectations, and we are astounded with the level of professionalism and vision that you showed for our wedding day.

An absolute pleasure to work with and all other wedding suppliers could learn much from you. We will continue to recommend you to every couple we come across. Thank you once again, you are a true delight!”

Married March 2019

Britney and Noah

“Thank you so much guys, I cannot say enough wonderful things about your studio. We love love love our wedding day highlight video!

Our friends and family are amazed about the quality and the production, we look like movie stars. Noah and I keep going over our wedding and how we’ve only seen your team a handful of times, and they still managed to get every second of our day recorded. They are absolutely amazing and so professional too. And besides the excellent video quality, the prices are reasonable.

We will continue to recommend your studio to all our friends. Thank you so much for making our wedding day so special. Having pictures is great, but it is fantastic to have a wedding video and see all your loved ones having fun and celebrating together.”

Married October 2019

Sandra and Harry

“Hiring Lily and Moon was the best decision we made for our wedding. It turned out hiring a videographer to capture was essential as our wedding day flew by so quickly.

We are so grateful to have had a videographer who captured all of those emotional and hilarious moments so perfectly and allowed us to have a memory that will last forever.

Their prices are extremely affordable along with their package offers, but if you ask me, their services are priceless. Regardless, it is great to have exceptional service from a wedding vendor that also works with your budget and makes magic with it.

I hardly noticed their presence at our wedding, they were never pushy, and yet every moment was captured beautifully. Not only our ceremony but a variety of fun and exciting moments we didn’t even know happened on that day.

Everything was delivered in time, and we were impressed by the quality of the video. They managed to capture our personalities and emotions of that day perfectly.

You cannot go without videography for your wedding day, but if you choose Lily and Moon, you can be confident and sure they will provide the best videography service ever. Thank you so much, Lily and Moon studio.”