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We are more than just photo specialists, we also offer outstanding Hong Kong wedding videography. Our films are guaranteed to provide you with the wedding movie of your dreams. Furthermore, our goal is to capture every moment of your special day. With cinematic editing, we will present you with an authentic memory that was your day.

Cinematic, Movie Style Wedding Videography

Wedding videos that capture the heart and soul of our couples

Besides beautiful photography, our studio creates amazing artistic wedding films. On this page, you will find all the details about how we achieve perfection through our medium of cinematography.

We aim to convey the raw emotions with your video, cherishing, and reminding you of one of the best days of your lives. With your favorite song as a soundtrack, the final result will be fit for the silver screen, with you as the main characters.

Furthermore, our approach to video is very similar to our photography style. This gives consistency in creating the perfect wedding package. We want to capture your love story in an artistic and lifelike way while keeping the documentary style and making sure we don’t miss one moment of your big day.

For your wedding day, you only need to provide us with a detailed schedule of your day. As a result, you can relax knowing we will be there. You can enjoy your day, confident that our team of wedding videographers will do an outstanding job. Furthermore, we will capture the moments you will remember forever, in a beautifully cinematic style.

Our videos are created by you, our beautiful couples. We will ask you a series of questions to ensure that your video perfectly encompasses you and your style. These questions are carefully designed for us to get to know you and your story better. This way, we can capture a video befitting to you and offer you some advice on what you can do to help us achieve a stunning video.

Explore the page below to find out more about our heart touching Hong Kong wedding videography.

The most intimate moments from your day,
edited together to create a beautiful story
bride posing showing off wedding dress
Immortalizing your very best moments, with
our storytelling, encapsulating approach to video

Our Story-Driven Style of Videography

We want our couples to enjoy the perfect wedding package. For that reason, we match our photography style with our videography style. Moreover, even though our approach is reportage, with careful and experienced editing in post-production, we will ensure your video has that Hollywood cinematic feel.

We treat your wedding day as if we are making a ‘big screen’ movie, and you are our main stars. To tell your tale naturally and artistically while staying truthful to every moment of your wedding is our goal.

With the perfect soundtrack, we will take you back to that exciting moment of your I do’s. As a result, the best way to feel every emotion of your wedding day is through our film. This explosion of emotions is what we try to achieve every time we record and edit your special film.

bride smiling getting ready for big day
Emotive & Energetic but with a focus
on authenticity to you and your special day

A Bespoke Approach to Your Most Special Film

For all our couples, we try our best not only to deliver an outstanding video but also to give you all of the emotions of your special day.

We feel that those feelings you’ve had for each other on your big day should be cherished and remembered for the rest of your days. Like all the best films, our videos will stir every joyful and happy emotion you’ve felt on your wedding day.

Furthermore, our experience has made us experts in recognizing and capturing all those powerful and heart-warming moments. As a result, we can present those moments in a unique and inspiring way. We want to give you the gift of emotion, one that you can show your children’s children one day and make them experience the love their grandparents had on their wedding day.

bride and groom hugging

Hong Kong Video Portfolio

Wedding Films That Make You Feel Everyone Emotion

Since the moment we started making wedding videos, we wanted to accentuate your love and use it as our guiding light. As a result, we can produce the same video style, whether we are shooting in Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world.

Organizing a wedding can be hard and stressful. As a result, with our video, we want you to remember the happiness from your wedding day and see that all that hard work pays off at the end. Moreover, we will capture your special day bathed with light and innocence all with limited directing from our side. This approach will make your wedding day video feel natural, spontaneous, and beautiful.

It gives us great joy to see you satisfied with our videos but making you feel the emotions is our biggest wish. The only thing harder than creating a stunning video is creating a video that provokes strong emotions. This is what we offer to you. We promise to deliver all your love, devotion, attention, and happiness, radiating in your wedding day video.

Many couples opt for a standalone wedding video package however booking us for both photos and videos will give consistency to all your creatives. All our team follows that same breeze-like, fun, and romantic style whether that’s for photography or video.

We will go over your rundown with you ensuring everything goes as planned on your special day meaning you can expect to receive a stunning film as you can see below.

In addition, we are excited to help you by recommending other wedding suppliers and give you advice on the general organization.

Please take a look at our latest film to understand why our films are the ones you’ll want to curl up in front of with your significant other.

Our Latest Wedding Film

Your Moments Captured On Film

Over the many years we’ve been working in this industry, our couples’ styles and wishes have changed.
Following the latest trends in the wedding industry, we have adapted, learned, and applied those changes to our approach.
Not only is our style neoteric and follows the latest styles, it often looks like it is ahead of its time. Take a look at our most
recent wedding film
to see our state-of-the-art, avant-garde films.

hong kong wedding photographer

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Wedding Video Prices & Rates

Packages Perfect for Your Wedding Video

From full-day coverage to half-day coverage, you choose what is the ideal package for your wedding day. If required, we will capture every second of your magical day, giving you the perfect opportunity to see your wedding day from a different perspective and laugh at all the details you’ve missed.

If you opt for a shorter wedding film, we will compile it in a way that will make your heart flutter and eyes tear up. Using every videography trick we have, your wedding overview will look like a trailer for the most romantic movie of the century.

Besides offering full-day and half-day wedding video packages, we have also both pre-wedding and mini film options. Our pre wedding package can be the perfect partner to your pre wedding photography package. Furthermore, we also offer same day edit videos and growing up slideshow films.

Please take a look at our wedding video prices and package details below and choose the one perfect for both you and your budget. You can also find out a little more information on what to expect when booking us.

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couple smiling on the beach during video shoot
From pre wedding to wedding day, we are
determined to create the perfect video package

Big Day & Pre Wedding Video Packages

We totally understand that all big days and engagements are different and as a result, we are here to create the perfect wedding package for you and your needs. No matter what you require from your film, we can tailor-make the package to your requirements meaning that in years to come, you will know you got everything you ever needed from your wedding video.

Below we have provided a little more information in what is included as standard in our packages. Furthermore, we can customize and adjust the options perfect for you.

To find out more about the services we offer please get in touch to discuss options.

What’s Included in our Video Packages

Video is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day package. Most of the time our couples choose full-day coverage to ensure every last minute of their wedding. Our full-day package includes 14 hours coverage, 1x professional videographer plus a same day edit video, and long film.

In addition, should you not wish for a full day package we also offer shorter half-day packages. The packages are very similar however the coverage time changes which results in the same day video edit no longer be achievable.

Furthermore, all our films are professionally edited in our renowned cinematic, movie-like style. We want to focus on the emotions of your day to create a wedding film that makes you feel like you are right there at that very moment.

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couple smiling during video session in studio

L & TLilian & Tom
March 2019

Wow. We just watched the film back and don’t know what to say. We both laughed so much and even cried with the moments you film. Amazing.

couple sitting on chair kissing
Kind Words and thoughts from our couples

Hong Kong Wedding Video Reviews

We are proud and honored by a volume of weddings and ceremonies we had a privilege to be a part of. There is nothing better than witnessing our couples enamored in our wedding videos. Their feedback is a matter of importance to us as it provides us with ways to better our business and make another couple even happier.

We flourish, and we are proud when we hear how our videos make each couple feel, and any type of comment of our work instantly transforms into a motivation to improve as a team.

Below you can find a selection of testimonies of our favorite couples telling what they loved the most about our videography. You can also view our full video reviews page.

January 2020

Mai and Rick: Review

“We couldn’t be happier with the result, and we recommend Lily and Moon studio wholeheartedly to anyone looking to have an outstanding wedding video, but also have fun in the process.

Their videographers are the most enthusiastic bunch of people we have ever met. Their good nature on the day of our wedding was contagious, and they helped us relax in front of the camera and enjoy it to the fullest.”

groom kisses bride holding floral bouquet
bride posing in front of window during wedding
April 2020

Suzan and Jonathan: Review

“Lily and Moon were amazing! They gave 100% while capturing our wedding, making sure we have every moment of our special day to keep as a memory.

The stealthiness and unobtrusiveness of their team were incredible; we had a hard time differentiating them from our guests.

We had such fun with this team every time we met them and would recommend them to every couple seeking a pleasurable collaboration with a reliable wedding videographer.”

March 2019

April and Xiao: Review

“From the first meeting with the team members, we realized their service is high above average.

We remember looking at their portfolio with awe, hoping we’d get something even half as good. They did not disappoint – our wedding videos were portfolio-worthy and insanely good. They made us feel like stars as they directed us for the perfect frame and recorded some of the most special moments with our families.

I would urge everyone to book Lily and Moon for their wedding day as their standard is head and shoulders above anything you’ve seen before.”

couple posing on stairs during wedding day
couple kissing in front of palm trees
December 2019

Emma and Dan: Review

“We had the honor of these incredible videographers working at our engagement party, and ever since we were adamant in them working at our wedding too.

The quality of their videos and their style is out of this world, only enhanced with the perfect conduct of their team. They were absolutely brilliant, from start to finish!

The most efficient, professional, and friendly videographers you will ever find. And as always, they delivered memories of pure gold we will treasure forever. We can’t thank them or recommend them enough.”

December 2019

Lucy and Mark: Review

“Booking Lily and Moon videography services was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

They are really passionate about their work and have a unique ability to capture those perfect spontaneous moments. We were impressed with how professional and efficient they were, from the initial meet up to our wedding day. The film they presented was pure magic, and we will treasure it forever.”

bride poses during shoot in white wedding dress