Photo Reviews

Reviews from couples we’ve photographed

happy couple pose on tree stump in hong kong
Married September 2019

Rita and Li

“We want to thank you all for our incredible photos. They are everything we wanted and so much more. You captured all emotions from our wedding day perfectly and looking at our wedding album brings tears to our eyes. We love the colors and lighting in all our pictures, you really did an amazing job.

Having you at our wedding and seeing how professional and organized you were was a real pleasure.”

Married October 2019

Zoe and Daniel

“When we first started planning our wedding, many of our friends recommended Lily and Moon for our wedding photography. When we checked them out and saw some of the most stunning photos in their portfolio, we understood why they have such a good reputation.

They were a delight to work with, from our first meeting throughout our wedding day. They were almost invisible on our day and they kind of blended into the crowd, and yet they took loads of stunning photos.

We were fortunate to find such talented photographers who managed to capture our wedding in a ”real” and remarkable way. That was one of our greatest fears that we wouldn’t be able to recognize ourselves in our wedding photographs. It turns out our concerns were unjustified, and they made us look like the best version of ourselves.

On our couples shoot, they were very calm, and they gently guided us into beautiful shots.

We have to mention their linguistic abilities, as we had many guests from abroad. Having a photographer that can communicate easily with our foreign friends made our friends look relaxed and joyous at our wedding pictures. We would recommend them to all who wish to experience exceptional photography service.”

Married August 2019

Katie and Lou

“The Lily and Moon Studio photographers were our wedding photographers in August 2019.

Our photographs were incredible! We always say how lucky we were to have them photograph our wedding. They took some stunning images of us standing on the riverbank, and those photos could easily be in a magazine. Picking out our favorite pictures was really hard since we loved them all.

The organization is superb. They have been professional but at the same time friendly and easy to communicate with from the first email. The way they answered every question promptly and adapted to our schedules for a consultation meeting gave us a lot of confidence in their studio. And besides making our photography planning easier, they helped with the rest of our wedding planning by giving us some contacts to try. The ones we hired ended up doing a brilliant job.

On the day of our wedding, they were the epitome of perfection. The photographers were in a good mood that helped settle our nerves, and they made us laugh a lot.

Besides contributing to the good atmosphere, they were also very persistent in making the best photos they could, shooting from many angles, and showing an incredible skill set that clearly gave outstanding results.

We wholeheartedly recommend them to all other couples.”

happy couple smile during studio photoshoot
Married February 2020

Joanne and Michael

“Our photos are absolutely stunning! Thank you so much!

We are amazed at how professional and relaxed you were at our wedding, and we thank you for your calm guidance throughout our photoshoot, you made it all stress-free of a couple that is quite camera-shy. You did a truly fantastic job!”

Married February 2019

Susan and Bryan

“There are not enough kind words to say about our photographers. As the saying goes, they had us at first ”hello”, and at our meeting, they were full of patience and understanding.

Nothing we asked for was a problem for them, and they accommodated our every wish.

On our wedding day, they were entirely discrete but engaging and fun to be around. This only added to our enjoyment of the day, and it made couples shots a great experience.

We were especially thrilled about how subtle they were at giving us directions. This made us feel more like we just ”are” instead of feeling overly posed and awkward. Of course, the photos came out great, we are delighted with them, and you can see how carefree and happy we all were.

We highly recommend them to any couple who wishes to have the most stunning wedding photographs ever.”

bridesmaids pose on the bed during big day
Married May 2019

Melanie and Paul

“Incredible talent and absolutely impeccable photography service.

Lily and Moon is the most professional, caring, and personal studio anywhere. Their service is truly one of a kind.

The memories they’ve created are works of art and a real timeless memento of our wedding day. We were amazed about how much passion and love these guys put in their work! Well done! We can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with them!”

Married October 2019

Kristina and Joe

“The team is the most incredible photographers in every single way!

We are amazed at the quality and style of our photos, but the biggest surprise came on the day of our wedding. When we chose the same-day edit service, we were a bit skeptical about how it would look, but the moment our photographs appeared on that screen, we were speechless!

The photos were beautiful, and we were so overwhelmed about how good they were. They gave us a perfect sneak-a-peek of what was going on that morning.

It was the same with the rest of our photographs. We loved that they delivered our photos in an online gallery, this way we were able to show our pictures to all our friends, without worrying about them wearing them out.

Thank you, Lily and Moon, once again for giving us perfect memories of our wedding day!”

bridal party laughs during group shot
Married November 2019

Alexandra and Mike

“It was a real pleasure working with Lily and Moon, and we want to thank them for making everything stress free for us.

Thank you for the energy and enthusiasm that you showed on our wedding day! Most of all, thank you for the stunning pictures which we genuinely love and will cherish forever.

We had so many positive comments from our guests, and thank you for making them feel at ease while taking their photographs. Hopefully, we will have the chance to work with you once again on baby pictures! Keep on the good work!”

Married January 2020

Hannah and Chan

“What can we say…Lily and Moon photographers are amazing! They were the only photographer on our list, and we were so thrilled when we booked them for our wedding as they were the only one we wanted.

From start to finish, this was a joyful experience filled with laughter and good humor. They showed the highest level of professionalism and dedication to excellence at our huge wedding, and we thank them for handling our runaway and loud family with utmost grace.

In the end, they didn’t miss a single soul, and we had a vast collection of photos with each and every one of our guests.

Not only did they pass this endurance test, but they also provided stunning pictures at the end. The photos were so unbelievably beautiful that we ended up choosing three to be printed on canvas.

We can’t stop smiling when we look at our wedding album! To all couples out there- folks if you are looking for a wedding photographer that will blow you off your feet, visit these guys, and you will not be disappointed!”

Married December 2018

Zara and Kang

“Working with the guys was a dream. Communication was incredibly easy, fast, and friendly. They successfully worked around our crazy schedule and were incredibly kind.

We are lucky they were able to shoot our engagement as well as our wedding day, and we are already trying to find another excuse to work with them again.

We have received many compliments from our friends and family for our wedding photographs, and they all mentioned how professional and friendly they were.

Their photographers integrated themselves into our wedding just enough to get that perfect shot without being intrusive.

We can’t recommend them enough as they were the best vendor we ever worked with!”

couple kissing in front of floral wedding design
Married September 2019

Brenda and Sean

“Lily and Moon are the best wedding photographers in the world. No questions asked.

We had researched many photographers before being hooked on Lily and Moon Studio’s portfolio. Their style of photography was enough reason to arrange a consultation with them, and that was the best decision we made while planning our wedding.”

Married October 2019

Tiana and Stephen

“My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Lily and Moon for our wedding day. From our first inquiry email, until they delivered our photos, we couldn’t have asked for a better and more professional service.

They were very responsive to any calls or emails we have sent before our wedding, and this helped us relax considerably. Both photographers working at our wedding were very professional, mannerly, and great to work with.

The moments they captured turned our beautiful, without us even noticing them around. They were so subtle in their approach, and not once did we feel like they are in our way.

They delivered our photos pretty quickly considering we got married in the middle of the wedding season. Every single one of our photographs is breathtaking. Everything from canvas print, storybook album, USB drive photos was absolutely perfect.

What we love the most about their wedding photography style is their attention to detail. There were some moments we wouldn’t even consider putting into our wedding album, but the way they captured those moments makes us jump from joy every time we look at our wedding photos.

We cannot give them enough compliments for their service and photography skills. We would, without a doubt, recommend them to anyone.”