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Instant Printing

On-the-day instant photo printing for your guests

We are happy to provide instant photo printing to all our couples as we see it as a great way to share the memories of your special day.

To find out more about this fantastic offer, take a look at the page below. You will find information on how it works, what’s included why it’s a great idea for your big day.

What is Instant Photo Printing?

Instant photo printing is also called on-site printing. This means that we can present printed photographs to your guest to take home with them as a memento of your beautiful wedding day.

After photographing weddings in Hong Kong for over 10 years, we have noticed that instant photo printing is slowly becoming something of a norm. Moreover, our couples love being able to give something to their guests as a souvenir from their special day.

No matter the size of the photograph, printing takes just a few seconds. We offer various choices of photo presentation like slip-in folders or thank-you cards. Every photo can be personalized with your names and date of your Big Day. In some situations, we offer your guest the possibility of choosing which photographs they would like to be printed. Furthermore, instant photo printing is an excellent service that will make your wedding perfect.

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How does it work?

The organization of instant photo printing is quite simple.

We set our printers and laptops in one corner as a printing station. As a result, the printing station doesn’t require much space or many power outlets, and if needed, we can provide our generator.

The photographer captures your photos with a camera that is directly connected with our laptop. Within seconds the photograph appears on our laptop, and after some minor editing, it is ready for printing.

The whole process is complete in little under 1 minute, and we can print up to 400 photographs during the evening reception. If you are anticipating a great number of guests, we can add more printers to handle the heavy crowds or set up another photo station.

The dimensions we offer are 4″x6″, 6″x8″ and 8″x12″ of a high definition print, printed on a glossy photo paper. We can offer an express or rapid service that expedites the time it takes to print a high volume of pictures.

How much does it cost and What’s Included?

Our instant photo printing service costs $3,800 for 3 hours of coverage and 300pcs.

Included in the price are the services of our photographer and an additional printing assistant, editing of the images by adding your names, date or QR code, printing service itself, and beautifully designed folders for all photographs, as well as thank-you cards.

Presented prices are for 3 hours of printing service.

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