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What To Expect

From start to finish; your beautiful wedding photography

Finding the right kind of wedding photographer crosses one major item from your wedding to-do list.

We understand that wedding photos are something that will last you a lifetime and have to be perfect in both style and quality.

As every couple is unique, you will have different ideas about how those memories should look. We like to give our couples a chance to present their wishes and wedding concept, as well as ask any questions you have when you book us for their big day. In that spirit, below, we present a detailed guide to booking us for your special day photography.

1. Get in touch

We understand that having all questions answered means a great deal to your decision-making process. For that reason, we are looking forward to answering any questions and doubts you might have. Enquire to us by sending an email to to find all additional pieces of information you need or to check the date availability.

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2. Discuss your big day plans

Our couple’s happiness is what’s most important to our team. We want to develop and capture those images you’ve already imagined in your head.

By telling us all your wishes and requirements, we can find a perfect style that will give you those exact results. And even though we offer individual styles of photography, our expertise and our experience in wedding photography allows us to take capturing your wedding to another level and adapt our photography style to any suggestion you might have.

To those couples that are in doubt about what method suits them and their wedding day, we offer professional advice and direction.

3. Confirm your booking with us

The wedding season is often crowded with dates reserved up to a year in advance. That makes wedding photography one of the most important decisions you need to make in a short amount of time.

As soon as you decide that our studio is perfect for your special day, we require that you book a free consultation meeting where we will talk about details, and you will get to notify us of a package you decided on.

To reserve your wedding date, you need to give a 50% deposit of the package price. After this, you have successfully booked us for your special day.

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4. Plan for perfect photos

We were so lucky to shoot many weddings in different types of organizations and locations during the years. Whether it’s a local wedding or an overseas location, small and intimate or big and traditional wedding, we can adapt to any schedule you have for your day.

What’s even better, we will provide professional advice on how to unburden your schedule and still have time for all you have planned. You will find out that we are experts in time management, and planning and scheduling with us take a load off your mind and make you feel lighter and carefree.

5. It’s Your Wedding Day

On the morning of your wedding day, we are there at 8:30 to capture that moment when you are getting ready while everyone else is rocking on the balls of their heels. This excitement is vital for us to capture and show, as there is no greater well of mixed emotions than a house that’s giving away their daughter.

From there, our photographs will follow you throughout the day, capturing all critical moments of your wedding in a candid and honest style.

Depending on the style of photography you have chosen, you will be aware of our photographers to a certain level. While doing those beautiful and funny family and friends portraits, our photographs may offer you advice on how to pose or stand and make your photos even better.

You will find that our photographers perfectly blend into the crowd, engaging and entertaining your guests while capturing amazing and rib-tickling moments. They will continue to do so until 23:30.

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6. Look back on the memories

After capturing your gorgeous wedding, it’s time to polish your images to perfection.

Our chief photographer and studio editor will edit your photos using various editing techniques and only the best editing software. Your photographs are ready to be delivered and admired after a maximum of a month and a half.

We can deliver your photographs through an online downloadable gallery or via USB, whichever you choose. You can also select and order various types and formats of Storybook albums to forever keep and cherish your wedding memories.