Wedding Insurance: Must Know Information + Do You Really Need It?

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There’s nothing more frustrating than preparing for your wedding day only to have the events canceled for various reasons.

Wedding insurance covers unforeseen events that can lead to losses during your wedding day. Everything from damaged gowns to stolen gifts can be covered. What if your limo driver doesn’t show up and you must book another one? How about the groom’s suit going missing in an air package? What if a landslide blocked the reception? In this list, we put together a guide to the different types of financial losses. It includes popular losses an insurance company can safeguard against that should allow you to and the question “Do I really need wedding insurance?”.

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What does most wedding insurance cover?

The insurance covers a wide range of risks including, those that can impact the event. Generally speaking, the insurer will provide coverage for:

Public Liability

It protects you from liability due to injuries and accidents during the reception. And this extends to alcohol-related accidents. Public liability also covers third-party accidents that can result from your negligence.

Do I need public liability insurance cover? Yes, and for good reason. Even a quiet occasion can quickly get out of hand. Apart from accidental bodily injury, public liability will protect the attendees against accidental trespassers, interference, and nuisance.

Cancellation Insurance

It reimburses you all the money if the wedding is called off. If the wedding venue is flooded or a landslide blocked the main hall, there’s a risk of having it canceled. The cancellation can also happen due to bad weather conditions. Some of the exclusions include terrorist attacks, communicable diseases that result in a travel advisory, and a strike before purchasing the policy.

Wedding Gifts Insurance Coverage

Insurance covers damaged gifts. It protects you against any theft that may occur during the wedding day. Unlike other types of wedding coverage, this type of insurance is designed to be in force during the wedding period. It’s a form of assurance that your gifts are protected as you celebrate the union with your guests.

The protection is provided for destruction, accidental damage, theft, and the use of false keys. However, the coverage doesn’t extend to protection to banknotes, jewels, weapons, silverware, boats, and vehicles.

What if you lose that special attire while still in your possession? The cover will replace any damaged or stolen clothing.

Photo and Video Protection

Creative production insurance covers damage and indemnity for policyholders. It also takes into account other details like disappearance, deterioration, and destruction of photographs. The photo-video damage coverage also extends to digital support, sound tapes, image reels, tracks, and films.

Under this cover, the damage supports post-production tasks, shootings, storage, and the final delivery. You can also obtain coverage when the photos are accidentally exposed to light. If the event organizer needs additional protection under this type of insurance, you can go for `all-risks damage cover.

Some of the items that fall under the `All Risks’ cover include DVDs, computer hard disks, and videocassettes.

Musical Instruments Cover

The best wedding insurance company will cover musical instruments. In addition to that, the event organizer covers any damage that relates to burglary and theft. The instruments covered under this policy include traditional instruments, accessories, and electronic instruments.

The coverage offered starts upon the receipt of instruments and remains in force throughout the wedding. Should the organizer or band rent the instruments, the insurance company will pay the real value following destruction or damage. Generally, the insurance company will pay the value of the items minus depreciation.

Non-Appearance Insurance

If a certain band fails to come to the concert, the insurer can protect you from irrecoverable expenses. The insurance plan will also cover the risk of forfeiting deposits or making payments related to the event. Irrecoverable expenses are safeguarded.

There are many reasons why a vital person can fail on your wedding occasion. This may include accidental wounding, death of a spouse, illness, etc. The tricky part is that the person in question must not have a preexisting condition. Some insurance companies may require the vital person to undergo a medical examination. Nonappearance insurance covers event organizers.


The insurance company can provide additional coverage for your honeymoon. Make sure the insurance covers luggage and any delay in your trip.

What Does Wedding Insurance Does Not Cover?

Wedding insurance covers everything related to a couple. Insurance won’t payout if you cancel the wedding. Third-party cancellation will only apply to payouts. Traditionally a party that was not involved in calling off the wedding. Some insurance policies will cover liability for 24 hours. Others will provide coverage until midnight.

How much will insurance usually cost?

No one answer fits all. It depends on the nature of the event, number of attendees, location, and what is served during the event.

A basic insurance company will cover things like gifts, attire, photos, rings, videos, and deposits. The cost of insurance can vary from one company to another, so you should shop around. On average, the insurance premiums on wedding insurance range between HK$2,700 and HK$1,000,000.

Why you need wedding insurance

A wedding involves a lot of things, having insurance can protect you and your spouse. By taking an insurance policy, you’ll be safeguarding your interests against any potential losses that may occur during your wedding.

When you should buy wedding insurance

Picture this – you put a deposit for your wedding reception hall, but it burns to the ground before the actual wedding day. Wedding insurance will help you get the deposit back. Most insurance companies have limitations on how far you should take the cover before the big day.

The cost of getting an insurance cover is just a fraction of the expenses in your wedding. Perhaps the best approach is discussing with your partner whether you’re making a worthwhile investment.

Do you need a certificate of insurance for your event?

Most hotels and restaurants will require a certificate before they host you. Be sure to check with the venue to see the kind of information they need.