6 Joyous & Adorable Ways To Include Your Dog In Your Wedding

Post Created: 11.01.2021 - Posted in Ideas

Dogs at weddings are not a new thing and since our dogs are an integral member of the family, we want to share our special moments with them. Finding room for pets during your big day can be a little complicated. It’s a little harder than just sending out an invitation or selecting a bridesmaid dress. In addition, it requires quite a bit of planning. As wedding photographers, we’ve decided to share our advice and give you 6 ways to include your dog in your wedding day.

As a guest

Sometimes simplicity is most effective. Invite your dog (not literally) to the wedding, and have sat with the rest of the guests during your ceremony.

Now for this to work your dog needs to be well trained and ideally sat with guests that your dog is familiar and comfortable with. Make sure this person is happy with the role of dog sitter and ensure that the dog responds consistently to their commands. Importantly, this means that if they are getting restless or need a reminder to sit, it won’t be you that has to keep your dog in check. As a result, this allows you to focus on the important stuff, making sure the perfect day isn’t ruined by your overly excited, four-legged friend.

Another key aspect to consider for most of these suggestions is location. Does your venue allow pets? Is it going to cost extra? Are there things going on that could potentially scare or excite your dog? How far is the journey from home? A frightened or car sick dog is a recipe for disaster so unfortunately, some things may have to be changed if you’re intent on bringing your pet.

dog looks at camera with bride and groom in background

Fun Cake Topper

Secondly, we have a more subtle ode to your dog. This one doesn’t involve the level of planning as the other two but will show your love for your dog no less. The idea is to involve them in the cake topper. Having a classic bride and groom cake topper is slowly becoming less and less the norm so why not top your cake with a miniature replica of your pooch. In addition, you could always splash the boat out and purchase a scene of the three of your together.

Your dog is as much of a centerpiece at home, as the cake is at a wedding. Combining the two only seems logical. Furthermore, it is the only safe way to have the dog so close to the food anyway. A dog babby sitter will be a necessity with any plan, whether the dog is at the wedding or left at home. As a result, you can simply pay someone for their time rather than worrying about ruining the joyous day for one of your guests.

Doggy Decor

Number three stays along the lines of celebrating your dog without them actually being present. Incorporate your dog into the decor. This can be done tastefully or look a little like a Pinterest DIY project so be careful with how you approach this one.

A subtle approach would be a themed color palette. Typically this would work with dogs with multiple colors, preferably with one white color. If you have a husky, a white and grey/black color scheme would be a classy and minimalist aesthetic. As a result, it would mimic the colors of your dog’s fur. You could even include some bright sapphires to showcase the blue eyes often found on husky dogs. This approach is a stunning way to include a dog on your wedding day. However, only the very closest of your guests will likely realize what the colors represent.

A different way to approach the puppy decor idea would be to add elements to the reception. Ideas such as placeholder cards, napkins, and table centerpieces can all involve your dog in some way. Consider adding prints of your dog’s paw, a copy of any particular marking your dog has, or even add simple drawings of your dog to your decor. This will show off your dog whilst steering clear from the cheap, DIY feel.

Ring Bearer

Forth on the list is as the ring bearer. A classic position for a pet of any size.

Just like with the first option, location and a dog sitter will need to be planned out to execute. With a simple command and a bit of practice, your dog can happily bring you the ring. Furthermore, they will feel like the star of the show whilst doing it. As ways to include your doggo, the ring bearer is probably the one that sprung to mind, but that’s for a reason. It’s just so damn adorable!

wedding ring rests on dogs nose at a wedding

Photos & Albums

Up next is bringing in your dog along for the photos. Photos are a key part of the wedding. They are a physical reminder of the day and as memories fade, photos serve as constant refreshers.

Having your dog present just for the photos allows you to create wonderful and lasting memories. This will ensure your day is enjoyed with them without the fear of a misbehaving pooch running rampant. Ideal for someone with a younger or mischievous dog, this idea will relieve the dog sitter for a while whilst you take your photos. Make sure to take advantage of this moment by dressing them up in a little bowtie or tiara to match the rest of the guests.

Since photos are often taken outside the choice of venues should open up but you’d still need to ensure close proximity to home as well as hiring a photographer that has some confidence working with animals.

Gift Registry

Last on the list is having the gift registry heavily involve presents for your dog. While your dog is not directly involved in the wedding itself, they’ll appreciate it nonetheless. Furthermore, as pet gifts are typically less expensive, it has the dual effect of offering lower price options to guests. This allows guests with smaller budgets to show their love and support and buy the perfect give for your special day.

Beds, toys, and snacks all come in high-end options.  These perfect options will serve as a treat to your dog and allow them to celebrate along on your wedding day.