10 Ways to Display your Pre Wedding Photos on the Big Day

Post Created: 30.03.2021 - Posted in Ideas

Pre-wedding shoots are all well and good but what do you do with the photos? Sure having then in an album or posting them online is nice. Take it further by having them displayed during the wedding itself. There’s plenty of ways to go about this so here’s our list of the best ways to display your pre-wedding photos on the big day.

pre wedding photos in a photo frame

In frames

Frames are the simplest and easiest way to display photos. They’re cheap and they’re effective. Get some frames that really embody your style and dot them around the reception. On tables, walls, chairs. Wherever you want them to be. A bonus to this is that if you or any of your guests wanted a framed copy of some of the pre-wedding photos. You’ve already got them. So once the ceremony is over they can be taken down and given out to your loved ones. Frames and all.

Cake Topper

The cake is something every guest will look at. So it’s the perfect place to display something you want them to see. Ditch the traditional figures and opt for a cut-out from one of your pre-wedding shots. Not only is this cheaper. But it also means the cake is far more personalised. Cake toppers may have the same hair colour as you but they’re typically a one-size-fits-all sort of thing. An actual image of you and your partner couldn’t possibly look any more alike.

On the Invitations

Whilst the invitations don’t typically make it to the ceremony itself. This is a great way to show off those pre-wedding photos to your guests. Take your favourite image and get it printed onto each of your invitations. Or do several different ones if you’re struggling to pick just one image. Write the appropriate name and voila. It also means that all your guests get a special photo of you both.

Table Centrepiece

During the meal, the table centre-piece is often a large array of flowers, maybe some candles. Although pretty, it’s hard to make it unique. Spice up the decor by incorporating your photos into the display. Or completely ditch the traditional centre-piece and just have a selection of photos instead. You could have them sitting in frames or on a more intricate display. The possibilities are endless.

photos sitting on a wall

As a Photo Wall

Any bare wall in your reception can be turned into a display for your photos. And it’s an easy and cheap way to add your own decor to the room. Make sure any frames or extra accessories tie in nicely with your overall theme. Pick polaroid frames if you’ve got a classic, old photo booth for your guests. Ornate, vintage frames go nicely with traditional themes. And unfinished, wooden ones match a rustic theme. Be sure to include a few extra adornments such as lettering or flowers to pull the whole thing together.


For the more creative types, a scrapbook could be a fun and involved way of displaying your favourite pre-wedding shots. Have it accessible for all your guests to browse as they please. Include any extra details from the wedding process. Fabric and colour swatches from the dress buying process make a great addition. You could also dry any flowers that were considered for the bouquet and add those in. Or even odd bits from other decor pieces. It’s completely up to you. If you’re not so much into your arts and crafts, this could also serve as a great way to get kids involved. You yourself may have children or invite some nieces and nephews over for a fun-filled craft day. And get some free wedding decor in the process.

Swizzle Sticks

Little details like these are often overlooked. But they can be really effective. Swizzle sticks are added to drinks, typically cocktails, to stir them before drinking. Normally they’re just plain wood or plastic. With a little DIY, they can become so much more. Stick a photo to each stick to create a flag for your guests’ drinks with a little picture of you guys on. Use different pictures to create a conversation piece for your guests as they compare images with one another.

Pegged on a Line

A simple, rustic way of displaying your pre-wedding photos is by having them pegged to a line. This creates an effect that’s similar to bunting. But instead of coloured paper, it’s photos of you and your partner. Use wooden clothes pegs and twine to create a rural look. Or go for sleeker string and glue the images on. If part of your decor is fairy lights, you could even attach the photos to the wire. You can have it draped on walls, across windows or from the ceiling. Just make sure that, if the guests can see both sides, there’s an image on both sides for them to look at.

wedding photo album

Guest Book

The guest book is a wonderful memento for the happy couple. Pages of supportive messages from loved ones are bound to be treasured. So combine it will the pre-wedding photo album to get two keepsakes in one. Not only will all the guests be able to enjoy your beautiful pictures. But you’ll be able to keep the album and guestbook without it taking up much room in the house.

Hanging lanterns

Gorgeous, hanging lanterns are a popular wedding decoration. Especially for outdoor weddings. But having all those burning around a wedding doesn’t sound like a good idea. (we’ve all heard the horror stories) So instead, ditch the flame and pop a little picture from your pre-wedding shoot inside instead. Of course, this will only work with lanterns that are glass or that have a window so you can properly see each image.


This is by far the most outlandish approach on this list but it would be incredible. Have the confetti be little prints of your photos. This can be done by printing your images onto thin paper. Then painstakingly cutting each one out. Unless you have an ungodly amount of patience, stick to basic squares or rectangles that can be cut stacks at a time with a guillotine.