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Our Style

Beautifully classic, fine-art & modern wedding storytelling

Over the years of working as professionals in the industry, we have developed our own style of shooting your wedding. If you prefer modern and sophisticated photography, we will show you just how good we are in merging the arts of editorial and documentary photography.

Fine-Art, editorial style
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Sophisticated, Classical with a Modern Twist

Modern wedding photography is stunning, and what makes every photo is you and your special day.

We capture gorgeous and graceful portraits of you and your guests all while having look of a sophisticated and royal-like celebration. We can also direct and capture amazing and imaginative group photographs. As a result, this gives you enjoyable memories of you and your guests.

Furthermore, we include lots of family and friends portraits and, as such, is an incredibly fun day for everyone attending. It is not just a style that’s important to us, it is also about how we make our clients feel.

To induce happiness and laughter is our favourite part of this style of photography. The joyous atmosphere we aim to create our photos to another level.

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Fine-Art shooting and editing style

There are no words that can describe the beauty of artistic photos. This is not ordinary photography. This is art and emotion presented in captivating and inspiring images.

We can bring any vision to life and capture your wedding day magnificently. We are not afraid to break composition rules. With creative editing, we will present you with a true photography masterpiece.

Our out of the box thinking while telling your story the way it deserves to be told sets us apart from other photographers. Together, we can work on a concept that best describes you as a couple, making your dreams and ideas come to life.

Our job is to pay close attention to everything that can perfect your photographs. Location, surroundings, lighting, and even accessories. As a result, this will create the perfect backdrop to complement your love story.

Your pictures will look like something made in a dream. Perfect in every aspect and visually appealing memento of your celebration that you will cherish forever.

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Aesthetically pleasing, reportage photography

Nothing escapes the documentary style of photography. Our goal is to capture every smile, enamoured glance, and tears of joy of both you and your guest. Think of us as a fly on the wall, watching your wedding from all angles, creating candid and spontaneous photos with a natural and fresh look.

Nothing is fake, nothing is over-posed, and your wedding images are authentically you.

We want you to see those moments you missed from your guests arriving, your friends toasting, your family feeling your emotion on the day.

This is a type of honest wedding photography, and we aim to capture everything as it happens in real-time. We are not going to over-direct any of your pictures, just be your fabulous selves.

We will be drawn to the emotion and energy, capturing stunning images of your wedding day as it unfolds. The result is your story, as it was, honest, real, and with all emotions a wedding can provoke, captured beautifully, becoming one of the most significant memories of your life.

Your Wedding, Your Photos, Your Story.

As professionals, it poses no issue for us to adapt to any wishes you might have. For that reason, you can choose the approach and style of photography that would be best suited to you and your wedding.

Whether you are camera-shy and need us to direct you through your whole wedding, or there is a part of your wedding you don’t want us to photograph, we can fulfil your wishes.

If you so require, you can have every style of photography at your wedding, or present your own ideas of how you imagined your pictures being taken.

If you are unsure about what style and approach would be best suited for you and your wedding, our team will provide you with excellent advice. Our wish is to make you feel satisfied with your wedding photographs, sure that you are in the hands of the professionals who strive to tell your love story in an arresting and elegant way.

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