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Thoughts and recommendations from couples we’ve worked with

While getting to travel the world and do a job we absolutely love doing, they aren’t the reason we strive to always improve. Without a doubt, the most inspirational part of our job is hearing the positive feedback we get from our couples. We will go above and beyond to ensure amazing videography and photography to all our couples.

“Choosing Lily & Moon for our
big day was the best decision we made”
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Married May 2019

Lauren and Joseph

“We hired Lily and Moon photography for our wedding in May last year, and we couldn’t be happier about the results.

On our wedding day, they arrived early and were incredibly friendly and professional. They were also very calm and managed to calm down our nerves and make having our photos taken an easy and enjoyable experience.

They provided so much useful advice throughout the day. For example, they guided us throughout the cake cutting moment which delivered terrific images.

We are impressed by how they captured all of the emotional moments of our day. The did so while making everyone laugh.

The hardest part was selecting the photos for editing. There were so many of them, and they were all just perfect. They indeed are a team of amazing artists that have a creative and unique vision. Do not hesitate to book Lily and Moon Studio for your wedding day. You will be amazed and delighted with the results.”

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Married December 2019

Michelle and Lee

“The team was so professional and amiable throughout our entire wedding day. We had previous experience with them when we hired them for our pre-wedding shoot, and we just knew we have to book them for our wedding. That was the best decision we’ve made for our wedding.

The attentiveness and dedication they showed us made us confident that we are getting the best photography and videography service there is. The images they delivered were pure magic, and we highly recommend them to anyone.”

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bride smiling during photoshoot
Married January 2020

Rebecca and Marcus

“Finding out about Lily and Moon was a stroke of good luck. After attending a wedding in the UK and receiving the most beautiful photos with the bride and groom, we were surprised to find out that the photography team also shot in Hong Kong.

From that day, until it was our time to tie the knot, they stayed in the back of my mind as someone I wanted to capture my wedding. It only took one internet search to find their website and fall in love with their work all over again.

We had no doubts about hiring them for every service possible. From a pre-wedding shoot, videography, and photography service, we also took advantage of an incredible instant printing service. We love this part as this is how they were introduced to us in the first place all those years ago at our friend’s wedding.

The whole package is understandably priced and is perfectly balanced with the professionalism, quality, and the level of creativity they will give to you. We wholeheartedly recommend them to all, not just in Hong Kong, but anywhere in the world.”

Married August 2019

Bali and Matt

“Because I am, what some people would describe, a perfectionist, I was adamant in hiring the best photographer for our wedding. I was a model for many years, but no matter how many professional photographers I know I also knew that wedding photography is not the same studio shooting a posing figure in perfect conditions. So while looking for inspiration, I looked through many wedding magazines and came across a photograph that mesmerized me. I looked for an artist right away and sent an inquiry after only 5 minutes of browsing their website. I was sure that I have found the perfect photographer for me.

And I was not wrong! I already knew my photos were going to come out perfectly, but I had no idea how fun and comfortable working with the guys would be. It was different from everything I ever experienced as a model, and I honestly admire their ability to capture beautiful and emotional images in all that wedding chaos. I would recommend them to everyone!”

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bride posing in purple wedding dress
Married January 2020

Cathleen and Mike

“Lily and Moon studio was a pleasure to work with from our very first meeting, and we cannot recommend them enough. They were so relaxed and calm at our wedding, and they never put any pressure on us to pose or repeat any shots.

When we looked at our photos that turned out perfectly, they were everywhere, but we didn’t even notice them. We think this shows great skill, to be so subtle in capturing the entire wedding day and delivering the most emotional and beautiful pictures ever. Thank you so much for giving us this perfect gift of our most beautiful moments with our friends and family. You truly are amazing.”

Married December 2019

Debra and Paul

“Our wedding photos are so precious, and we love how you managed to catch all those fleeting moments, all the laughs and tears of our family members and friends. We had such a laugh when we stumbled upon a few utterly goofy and spontaneous photos, and we cried at some of the more emotional photos. Without a doubt, each of our pictures tells the story of our wedding day perfectly. Thank you for being so discrete and patient at our wedding. Most of all, thank you for being respectful and friendly towards our guests. They loved how you managed to make them laugh and capture them in their best light. You are a delight and real artists, and we will recommend you to all.”

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bride and groom posing infront of wedding car
Married April 2020

Eva and James

“We were cautious about choosing our wedding photographer because our wedding photos and video will last us forever. But they made us ecstatic with our pictures and film as they caught the tone of the day perfectly. We will never get tired of looking at our photos.

On our wedding day, they were incredible and most surprisingly, excellent persons to lean on emotionally. They calmed us throughout the ceremony, and our couples shoot. They gave us a friendly ear and made us feel carefree. This was the highlight of our collaboration; them encouraging us throughout the day.

The images are breathtaking. They are so emotional and present our day in such a wonderful way we were speechless when we first saw them. Lily and Moon Studio gave us the most stunning mementos of our special day, and we recommend them to all who want to feel relaxed and enjoy taking pictures on their wedding day.”

Married March 2019

Karen and Spencer

“We hired Lily and Moon for our engagement party a few months ago, and we loved the photos so much we couldn’t wait to book them for our wedding day. We were overjoyed when they confirmed availability, knowing that our wedding photos will be amazing.

Our engagement party was a small family and friends gathering, but they somehow managed to blend into the crowd and capture each of the many laughs we had that night. It was really amazing, they didn’t even try to make us pose or anything, but the spontaneity of the photos is mesmerizing. We can’t wait for our wedding photos, and we are over the moon for having them as our wedding photographers.”

groom proposes during photoshoot
bride smiles on bed with chinese wedding attire
Married October 2019

Mary and Michael

“We wish to thank you for the most memorable photos we’ve ever had in our lives. Your photography really took our wedding to the next level. You were so pleasant at our first meeting, so accommodating and friendly and you from then on you had our trust. We were so comfortable in front of the camera, and thank you for not making us pose in all the usual ways. The way you captured our photos gave them perfect flow and emotion. All of the pictures perfectly depict just how much fun we had on that day.

Thank you so much, we will surely recommend you to all our friends and family, though it won’t be necessary since they are amazed by our wedding photographs.”

Married January 2019

Shannon and George

“The most challenging thing for us was trusting a stranger with the job of capturing one of our most special moments. However, Lily and Moon are deserving of all our trust and more. They were absolute professionals, so passionate and creative in capturing every minute of our wedding day. We are not even sure how they managed to do that, but not a second was missed. We are slowly but surely running out of places in our house to display all the wedding photos we adore.”

bride and groom smile in front of wedding pagoda
bride and groom hug in front of the seas in hong kong
Married October 2019

Samantha and Richard

“We met with the guys before our wedding day, and we loved all the ideas they proposed and how they respected all our ideas.

On the day, they were calm and managed to make everyone smile genuine smiles. All of the images are stunning, and the moments they captured are just perfect.

They really went above and beyond. With their excellent and affordable prices, we managed to book them for our wedding video also, and words cannot describe just how amazing it turned out to be.

Lily and Moon have some of the most creative and talented photographers and videographers, and we recommend them to all who want to bring magic to their wedding photo album.”