12 Fun & Exciting Wedding Photography Props To Boost Your Photos

Post Created: 25.01.2021 - Posted in Ideas

Props are a great tool in any wedding photoshoot. They can add beautiful elements and serve as a way to get everyone excited and involved in your wedding day photos. From little kids struggling to stay interested to older members of the family who avoid cameras like the plague. No one can resist the limelight when props are involved. So here is a list of 12 fun wedding photography props for you to consider.

Stick Accessories

Perfect for photo booth-like shots. This funny array of glasses, mustaches, and bowties are bound to get everyone giggling. Hold them to your faces, other people’s faces even the dog’s face. Everyone can get involved and the images you get back will be full of genuine laughs and grins. For a fun and genuine wedding photoshoot, these are a sure winner. But be sure to buy a set that matches your wedding theme, we don’t want them clashing with your outfit!


Confetti is a wedding day staple because this stuff is just so much fun to throw around. Plus, it looks amazing in photos. It’s the perfect way to keep everyone entertained and get stunning photos without much effort at all. Confetti is fully customizable for your desired color palette and shape. All you have to do is stand there looking pretty. Everyone else can enjoy throwing this stuff around with reckless abandon and you’ll get a book full of incredible photos.

couple walking down aisle through confetti


Anything this bouncy is a sure-fire way to get everyone involved. Unfortunately, this is only really suitable for outdoor, summer weddings with lots of space. But it would amazing for any wedding on a beach or involving a pool. Some items to consider: oversized beach balls, wedding ring-shaped pool floats, or inflatable picture frames just to name a few.


Simple but effective. Signs add a cute and subtle layer to your photos whilst keeping them more posed. Great for a shot of the couple. These are also very easy to customize to fit the exact decor of your wedding. Have your own font, background and even experiment with odd items to use. We’ve seen tennis rackets and shoes both been used as signs for wedding day shoots. It creates an interesting and personal edge to your images.


Another inflatable item but this one doesn’t require such specific venues. Balloons of all shapes, sizes, and colors can add a fun or beautiful element to your shoot depending on how you go about it. Hand out huge balloons in all sorts of shapes, for a fun way to bring everyone together for the shot. Or use a massive bundle in gorgeous colors matching your outfits for a stunning element to the images. You can even get confetti-filled balloons to combine two props in one.


The first person to think of this was more than likely doing it out of necessity but rain or shine, umbrellas make a great prop for a wedding shoot. They come in every color of the rainbow and can also be used as signs. Have the couple kissing under the brolly for a classic, heartfelt shot. Or get everyone involved and have some fun with it.


Big bold letters are a great thing to include in your wedding photoshoot. They come in so many forms that they can fit into anyone’s wedding decor. Neon letters, giant bulb-filled letters, wooden letters even inflatable letters! Yes, we’re back to inflatables… Typically the letters are the initials of the bride and groom but they can spell out anything you chose. Use them for a full word, the surname, or swap them for numbers and go for the special date. You can do whatever you want with these.

Face cutouts

These are sure to make everyone laugh. Have cutouts of the bride and groom’s face made to turn everyone into a version of them for a hilarious take on the photo of the couple? Or have gigantic versions of everyone’s face made up creating a family of bobbleheads. It’s a simple and effective technique for some unique photos that’s sure to get everyone laughing. Perfect for creating the kind of pictures you pull out years later and they still make you giggle.


Everyone remembers the joys of playing with sparklers as kids but who says we can’t do that now. Complete the fairy-princess fantasy of a wedding gown by involving sparklers as your wedding photography props. Write your names, a message, or just wave it like a wand. Nothing compares when creating a fun and magical wedding shoot. Obviously, this only works at night but it’s a great way to take advantage of the early nights during a winter ceremony or the warm nights in a summer one.


Funky backdrops are a good way to get people to have their photos taken all through the night. Have it set up ready to go and as the party gets going more and more people will waltz over for a photo shoot. This is perfect for getting fun, genuine photographs to remember the night. No coordinating necessary just have people wander in and out as they please. It’s an ideal way to get images of your guests partying that aren’t blurry, drunken iPhone photos.

couple pose for wedding photos surrounded by fairy lights

Fairy lights

Another classic wedding photography prop but one that creates so much magic in each photo. Layer them behind and in front of the happy couple so that they’re surrounded by gorgeous lights. Use bokeh to blur everything but their faces to turn basic decorations into incredible photography effects. Have them held towards to camera or dangled nearby to create a mystical light show in your photos. This is another prop that takes advantage of nighttime ceremonies.

The veil

If you’re at a wedding chances are you won’t struggle to find a veil. Use the gauzy fabric to encase the camera and create a misty, magical photograph. Tunnel it towards the couple so that they’re in sharp focus or have it draped over the entire image making it all look soft and beautiful. And there’s no chance of this not matching your wedding dress since it literally part of the outfit.