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Things you need to know when booking your creative team

We know how much preparation, careful organization, and decision-making it takes to create the perfect wedding day. We also understand how stressful that can sometimes be and as a result, we want to help you make those preparations easier.

Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions all our happy couples had regarding our services and packages and our answers.

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Committed to photo and video excellence

Our primary motivation has always been delivering exceptional photographs and videos. Products that our couples will love and cherish forever. We love our job, and that chance to capture your wedding and be surrounded by happy people makes us adamant in providing brilliant customer service in both photography and videography. As a result, we offer a variety of styles and detailed planning of your wedding day or pre-wedding.

For your every question we will have an answer. We will leave you convinced in our professional and transparent work ethic. We feel honored and privileged that you’ve chosen us to capture your moments, and nothing means more to us than seeing your radiant smiles while looking at our pictures of your wedding.

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Questions about our Studio and our Team

What is a studio photographer?

A studio photographer is any member of our team other than our chief photographer. All our studio photographers have been trained to capture images of the same standard and quality as our chief photographer. Moreover, our lead photographer may be fully booked. Studio photographers can cover your wedding in the same manner as our lead photographer would.

What can you tell me about your team?

Being in this industry for some time now allowed us to gather a great team of professionals. All our team will put their best effort into capturing your wedding or pre wedding. Every member has been trained by shadowing and working alongside our chief photographer for several years before working independently. As a result, this allowed us to offer an exceptional quality of photography to more couples each year.

How long has the studio been operating?

Lily & Moon officially opened in 2019. However we have been successful in the wedding industry for over 10 years. Our team is a family as we have been working together for over a decade, providing our amazing couples with mesmerizing imagery.

Does your studio have an office, and where is it?

Yes, Lily and Moon is a fully-fledged Photography and Videography Studio. We have a fully operational studio located in Fo Tan, Hong Kong as well as a meet and greet studio in the United Kingdom.

What equipment do you use?

We use the latest Canon and Sony cameras equipped with a plethora of high-quality lenses. We battle difficult locations with professional lightning and while offering drones for excellent aerial videography. For editing, we only use the best premium versions of Photoshop, Lightroom & Final Cut Studio.

Can you describe your style?

Our style is imaginative and soft with a sensible approach and an accent on capturing the candid elegance and grace of your celebration.

What if you are unable to shoot our wedding?

Fortunately, to this day, we have never been in a situation where we have to turn a couple down for unavailability. Our experienced studio members and an excellent job organization allowed us to work with any couple who chooses us locally and internationally.

Questions about the details of your Wedding day/Pre Wedding shoot

Who will be my photographer?

You can either choose the studio photographer or our studio director and chief photographer if he is available. Our studio photographer was trained by our chief photographer and can document your wedding in the same standard as our studio director. The studio photographer can be booked at a discounted rate, and our studio director edits all photos.

Do you require an assistant?

Depending on the volume and size of the wedding or the complexity of the pre-wedding shoot, we may require the use of an assistant. Most commonly wedding day packages included two photographers (1x standard, 1x snap) and our pre-wedding packages include one photographer and one assistant.

What can we expect on our Wedding Day?

The details of our job depend on the package you’ve chosen for your wedding day. Usually, there will be two photographers, a snap, and a standard photographer. They will arrive at 8.30 a.m. and leave at 11.30 p.m. They will capture your whole wedding, including preparations, customs, and ceremonies, and also capture a few gorgeous portraits of the two of you. If you book our studio director, you will also get the same day edit slideshow for you to present at the banquet.

Do we need to provide a meal for your team on the day?

Not necessary, but it would be fantastic if you could provide our team of photographers a meal on the day.

What can we expect on our pre-wedding shoot?

You will either come to our studio for hair & makeup or our mua artist will visit you at your home before the shoot. This is dependent on the locations for your shoot. After changing into your outfits, we will have a 1-hour studio photoshoot where you can choose the props and various coulisses. Next, we move on to the different locations shooting for the amount of time stated in the package you’ve chosen. We will then edit the photos and deliver the edited material along with all of the images from that day in a maximum of one and a half months.

How many locations are allowed for the pre-wedding shoot?

This is determined by the package you choose. For a mini shoot, we shoot at 1 location, but a full day pre-wedding shoot can include up to 5 different locations. Generally speaking, there is no limit on the number of locations, it’s just about planning accordingly with the locations you want to shoot at.

What happens if it starts raining during our photoshoot?

If the weather report announces heavy rain on the day of your pre-wedding shoot, you can reschedule for a minimum of 24 hours before your appointment, free of charge. But if it starts raining in the middle of our shoot, there is no need for concern. As professionals, we will be able to incorporate the rain into your shoot, benefiting greatly from the dramatic effect it creates. As long as you are comfortable, we will use this perfect set- up to capture stunning and high-end photographs. When you desire, we can move our photoshoot indoors or to our studio.

Questions about our offers

Do you take international assignments and destination weddings?

Absolutely, and we are very excited every time we get a chance to shoot at a new place. We are there for your wedding and pre-wedding on any and every location in the world. Our international packages do not include travel and accommodation expenses. Please get in touch for a custom package quote.

Do you provide gowns and suits?

We do not provide gowns and suits in any of our packages, but we collaborate with several wedding boutiques and can offer a discount on their prices.

Do you provide hair and makeup artists?

With all our pre-wedding packages, we offer hair and makeup, and it is included in the price. Sometimes heavy application of highlighter and reflecting shadows can cause some difficulties with flash. For that reason, we gathered a professional hair and makeup team that will give you the desired look while removing makeup related obstacles for us and ensuring you get the perfect photographs. For your wedding day, we don’t provide hair and makeup, but we can recommend some of the best artists in the area.

What if I have my own makeup artist?

That is no problem for us. If you have your own stylist for a pre-wedding shoot, you will get a discount depending on the type of package you choose.

Do you offer flowers and bouquets?

We don’t provide the flowers and bouquets, but we are collaborating with some of the best florists and wedding boutiques and can offer a discount on their prices.

Do you offer videography?

Yes, the photo and video package is our most popular package. Our team members are experienced professionals working together on delivering amazing photographs and videos of your wedding without getting in each other’s way while they’re working.

Questions about booking and pricing

How do we book and reserve a date?

You need to pick the desired package and pay a 50% deposit, which secures your date. You can pay the remaining 50% anytime before your big day and even on your wedding day.

Do you provide an official contract?

Of course. We will provide you with an official contract that covers all the package details and any additional details we agreed upon for your wedding day or pre-wedding shoot.

Is there an overtime charge?

Yes. If for any reason, you need our team to come earlier or stay later, we charge $680 per team member per hour.

Do you offer refunds and rescheduling due to bad weather for the pre-wedding shoot?

You can reschedule your pre-wedding shoot 24 hours beforehand, and we can arrange a new date for you.

How do we pay internationally?

All our international and overseas clients can pay via bank transfer or PayPal.

Do you offer discounts?

If you combine any full-day packages, we offer a 10% discount. If you book us any full day package before our meeting, we award your trust with a discount of a maximum of $2,000.

Questions about your photographs and editing

How many photos will I get?

You will get 1000+ photos, and all will be edited to achieve that consistency. For a half-day pre-wedding package, you will receive all original photographs and 20 edited photographs. For a full day pre-wedding package, you will receive all original pictures and 60 edited pictures. All images are edited by our experienced photo editor.

Who owns the copyright to the images?

As always, the copyright stays with the wedding photographer, and you will be licensed the right to reproduce the photos in any way you like, except for commercial resale.

How long does it take for you to edit?

Depending on various factors, it would take us a maximum of a month and a half to edit your photographs.

How do you deliver the photos to us?

We can deliver the original and edited photos via USB. Still, usually, we deliver them as an online gallery from which you can download your photographs.

Do you offer albums, canvases, or print?

In all our full-day pre-wedding packages we include a 20″x 30″ (inch) canvas. Additional canvases can be ordered for any package, and the price depends on the size as we offer a variety. Also, a storybook can be ordered for any package for the cost of $1,600. We also offer instant photo printing for your wedding day for the price of $3,800 per 300 photos.

Do you offer film photography?

We don’t offer film photography as we believe digital photography offers more possibilities and is more flexible. We aim to capture every moment of your wedding, and if we need to change a film every once in a while, we may miss some crucial moments. Instead, we use digital photography, but if you want, we can achieve the desired film photography feeling through creative editing.

Do you provide original and raw photos?

Yes, we provide them with your request.

Do you retouch and edit the images?

Yes, all your wedding photos will be edited in the same style by our photography editor. This gives the consistency of style to all your photographs. We will use basic editing techniques such as color correction and enhancement, as well as some basic retouch. On the other hand, your pre-wedding pictures will be edited in detail.