pre wedding photos in a photo frame

10 Ways to Display your Pre Wedding Photos on the Big Day

Pre-wedding shoots are all well and good but what do you do with the photos? Sure having then in an album or posting them online is nice. Take it further by having them displayed […]

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Category: Ideas | Date: 30.03.2021

bride and groom walk into sea in wedding gown and suit

Trash The Dress Wedding Photography 101: Our Epic Guide & Ideas

After the wedding is over so is the wedding dress. Some choose to keep the dress for sentimental reasons. Some choose to sell it. And some choose to trash it. Trash the Dress photography […]

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Category: Ideas | Date: 25.03.2021

couple walking down aisle through confetti

12 Fun & Exciting Wedding Photography Props To Boost Your Photos

Props are a great tool in any wedding photoshoot. They can add beautiful elements and serve as a way to get everyone excited and involved in your wedding day photos. From little kids struggling […]

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Category: Ideas | Date: 25.01.2021

dog looks at camera with bride and groom in background

6 Joyous & Adorable Ways To Include Your Dog In Your Wedding

Dogs at weddings are not a new thing and since our dogs are an integral member of the family, we want to share our special moments with them. Finding room for pets during your […]

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Category: Ideas | Date: 11.01.2021

bride and groom pose next to tree during wedding

8 Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Booking

So you’re getting married? Congratulations! You’ve met that special someone, fallen in love, gone through some ups and downs, and now decided you’re in it together for the long haul. That’s the easy part […]

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Category: Ideas | Date: 11.01.2021