Top 6 Hong Kong Wedding Venues from a Photography POV

Post Created: 12.04.2021 - Posted in Venues & Hotels

Getting a gorgeous array of photos after your wedding is all part of the overall wedding experience. In the era of instant photographs and cameras in our pockets. If it wasn’t photographed it didn’t happen. With this in mind, getting your wedding photos just right is essential. You may think it’s as simple as hiring a wedding photographer. But your venue is going to make a big impact on the quality of those final images. Just because a venue looks nice, does not mean it will photograph well. You also need to take into consideration the practical side of things. To truly get the most out of your photographer. And, therefore, the best possible wedding photos. You need to start with your venue. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. With our list of the 6 best wedding venues for photography.

bride and groom posing next to a tree during wedding day

Harbour Grand

It’s no secret that Hong Kong’s skyline is a masterpiece. Especially at night. It’s one of the must-see views for any photographer. So it’s only sensible to have this in the background of your wedding photos as well. The Harbour Grand has a huge, towering seating area surrounded by Hong Kong’s stunning cityscape. This makes it an ideal place to get the majestic city into your photos. Have a late ceremony to ensure the city is at it’s best. With all the bright lights sparkling under the night sky. Not only is this place beautiful. The venue is specifically designed for weddings. So there’s plenty of room for your photographer to get to work.

The Rooms at Tai Kwun

This venue is a restored vintage masterpiece. Each room is bare and can be decorated to fit whatever event you plan to hold there. We’d suggest keeping decor to a minimum to truly enjoy the gorgeous, original features of each room. The stunning french windows and the vintage tiles. Rooms vary in size so nothing to worry about there. Each photo taken here will look like a renaissance painting against the exquisite architecture. Not to mention how classy the entire affair will be. As a background for your wedding photos, The Rooms is perfectly balanced. Charming enough to add interest to the images whilst being muted enough to not take attention away from the main focus.

Aqua Luna

The bay is another gorgeous photography spot in Hong Kong. So where better to view it than on a boat. This certainly won’t be for everyone. But anyone who does opt for the Aqua Luna get some truly unique and stunning wedding photos. Just as long as you don’t get seasick! There may be a limit to how much kit your photographer can bring with them but that won’t get in the way of someone experienced in the field. Any annoyance with equipment will soon be overshadowed by the sheer amount of photographic opportunities. You could even have your titanic moment on deck. (It won’t end the same way, we promise!)

Victoria Peak Garden

Garden weddings are nothing new. But this gorgeous, simple garden is sure to leave you with photos you’ll treasure. It’s a more modern style garden with various plants and structures. Making it a perfect place to get some shots. It will also give variety to each shot. This will avoid the images feeling repetitive. It’s, again, a smaller venue. If you’re planning on having a guest list as long as your arm then steer clear of this one. But there’s more than enough room to photograph. Different angles. Changes in scenery. And, of course, an idyllic garden setting. Perfect ingredients for a beautiful album of wedding photos. Check out Victoria Peak Gardens.

Space 27

This open plan, modern space will offer a unique backdrop for your wedding day images. Perfect for anyone who likes a more contemporary aesthetic. But make sure your dress matches the modern style. Otherwise, you’ll really stand out. And not in a good way. Fashion aside, the open nature of Space 27 makes this an ideal venue for wedding photography. The decor is minimalist with some bigger bold elements on the wall. But other than those it’s a blank canvas. It’s like being married in an art gallery. As long as all the elements line up. Minimalist venue, minimalist decor, minimalist outfits. You’ll be well on your way to some bold, breathtaking wedding photos. That are more akin an editorial photoshoot than a traditional wedding day album.


Beach weddings are almost guaranteed to make amazing photographs. So it was necessary to include at least one beach venue on this list. Bathers is the classic, feet in the sand, vows by the water, beach location that we all dream about. With gorgeous golden sand and blue waters. Make sure you let your guests know exactly what to expect. Stilettos are a definite no-no here. But with so much space you know your photographer will be able to capture you at every angle. With a gorgeous backdrop behind you. This location will even offer a list of wedding photographers. Which could be ideal if you’re struggling to find someone with beach work in their portfolio.

Here’s a cheeky bonus location! Shek O Golf Club. Okay, so a golf club does not sound romantic. Hence why it didn’t quite make the list. But overlooking this golf club is a hill-top garden which very much _does _soundromantic_. _And it doesn’t just overlook the club. It overlooks the ocean as well. This peaceful, gorgeous garden sits high up on a hill with the ocean crashing below. There’s a sweeping green landscape that covers the island that looks amazing in photographs. Paired with the cool, blue ocean. It will look like you have an island all to yourself. All this space also means no restrictions for your photographer. Allowing them to get close up and far away shots of the ceremony. With some planning, you could even get some shots from above, for a birds-eye view of the special day.

So there you have 6 of the most photogenic wedding spots in Hong Kong. And a little bonus one too. Now all you’ve got to do is choose between them.